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Commodity Risk Management
LFE has the knowledge, tools and experience to help your company weather the storms of volatile commodity markets. Both sharply rising commodity prices and collapsing prices can have a devastating impact to your business, leaving you vulnerable to competitive disadvantage in the marketplace for your goods and services. Whether it's agricultural raw material ingredients, metals, energy or currencies, you need to have a strategy and a plan that provides your business with the maximum combination of stability and flexibility in volatile market conditions.
LFE knows that if you rely only on classic principles of bidding and category management to manage the purchase of these volatile commodities, you can make huge errors in judgment that can threaten the profitability of your business, or result in major lost opportunities to take advantage of market weakness. While many firms do not allow the use of commodity derivative instruments such as futures and options contracts on traded exchanges to manage their commodity risk, LFE can design tried and true approaches and buying strategies through your supply base that can accomplish the same goals of reducing volatility and optimizing price. For companies that allow the use of futures, options and swaps to hedge commodity risk, LFE has the experience to guide you in best approaches to accomplish your business needs.
Let us design a strategy for you that will meet your business goals, and allow you to sleep at night during volatile times.
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